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Process Improvement

Ongoing quality and process improvement is a bedrock of the Covenant Health Alliance of Pennsylvania. CHAPa supports its members and provides numerous tools and resources to maximize outcomes, improve quality of care, and reduce costs. Affiliate organizations are already among the highest quality continuing care providers in the state, but there is always room for improvement—that’s where CHAPa comes in. 

One of the strengths of CHAPa is the training and education resources provided to participating organizations. CHAPa facilitates access to high quality training resources and ensures members receive the right training at the right time by carefully monitoring quality benchmarks and taking corrective intervention when measures deviate from established norms. 

CHAPa supplies training and education resources in a variety of ways to facilitate easy access, including webinars and on-site trainings. Topics covered by CHAPa include: 

If you are interested in joining CHAPa or learning more about our strategic quality and process improvement initiatives, contact us online or call 866-800-1053

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