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Commitment to Quality

Chapa Quality Care

CHAPa was conceived to provide a seamless continuum of post-acute and senior care services in a more cost effective manner for participating organizations throughout Pennsylvania. As a clinically integrated network of care providers, CHAPa also facilitates collaboration between affiliate partners to improve quality at every turn.

As CHAPa has grown, the individual organizations that make up the alliance continue to experience lower administrative costs, fewer hospital readmissions, reduced acute care transfers, and better overall patient outcomes thanks to a network-wide commitment to quality improvement. This commitment positions CHAPa organizations to enter into value based purchasing agreements, bundled payment agreements, and innovative strategic initiatives which align for improving quality of care and satisfaction of people served while reducing total cost.

The purpose of CHAPa’s painstaking quality initiatives is three-fold:

  1. Deliver high quality care and reduce avoidable costs and readmissions
  2. Reduce practice variation with development of care pathways and protocols
  3. Reduce length of stay while assuring a seamless continuity of care through all transitions, creating a system of “no discharge”

Strategic Quality Improvements Through Measurement

CHAPa has a fully dedicated Quality Improvement Department that benchmarks key metrics for the network as a whole as well as for each individual affiliate organization. The Quality Improvement Department develops and introduces corrective intervention methods when quality measures deviate from established benchmarks to ensure the highest quality care delivery throughout the network for the benefit of patients and participating organizations alike.

Monitoring Quality Metrics for the Good of CHAPa Members and – Most Importantly—the People Served

According to the CMS, “These quality measures broaden the set of quality measures already on site so that patients, their family members, and caregivers have more meaningful information when they consider facilities.” CHAPa ensures that affiliate organizations meet or exceed these quality measures through education, training, and strategic pilot initiatives in order to drive more patients to seek their services while reducing costs (overhead and readmission claims) through optimal care.

CHAPa develops, implements, and oversees specific care pathways that can be consistently followed in a skilled nursing facility and scaled to the size and capability of each individual member in the network. Contact CHAPa online or call 866-800-1053 to learn more about the group’s commitment to quality.

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